Web Design Service in New Orleans

Get a website designer that actually knows how to promote your business!

SEO Friendly Design!

Our websites are created with search engine optimization in mind. Many unexperienced web designers make sites that don’t even have a chance to rank well in Google.

Mobile Friendly Design!

If your site isn’t mobile friendly then you will be losing valuable search engine traffic from Google. Google expects your website to be mobile responsive or suffer the consequences!

WordPress Powered Design!

We take advantage of this powerful content management system which gives even a novice the ability to update and manage their own website without the need to contact your designer.

Full Customer Support!

We care about our clients!  When we join forces my team and I will work with you until you are satisfied throughout the entire design process. We offer great customer support.

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July 9, 2015

Why are we different?

Designed with SEO in mind!

We design all of our clients websites with SEO in mind. Giving each client the opportunity to be able to pursue rankings in the search engines once the website has been completed. Many designers concentrate on only how the site looks then once the client gets the site they could care less about the marketing aspects that come later. We however are New Orleans SEO experts that specialize in working with a wide variety of clients with there online marketing. We became experts at SEO long before we built websites. What’s the purpose of having a great site if no one can find you. Please note that SEO is not included in the purchase of a website. We simply optimize the site while we build it.

Quality New Orleans Web Design

You have a lot of choices when finding a designer for your website. There are plenty of local designers, national, and even foreign designers out there. We have all gotten those crazy emails from some guy in India that will make your website for $15. The truth is you need the perfect storm. You need a designer that can make a very appealing website for your business and then someone who can market your website properly for you if you choose. We don’t just market we dominate our competition. Every website designer says they can market your business. There are so many scammers out there it’s crazy. We are a SEO company that makes websites for clients and not a web designer that is learning how to do SEO on the fly.

We don’t offer web hosting!

Yep! You normally wont hear a web designer tell you that. To be completely honest many New Orleans web design companies charge $10-$50 or more per month to host your website. That is really unfair. They are taking advantage of you in my opinion especially when you can buy quality hosting for $3-$7 per month all day long. We also don’t offer hosting because we want you to have full control of your website from day 1. So if you decide to part ways with us it will be smooth and seamless with no need to transfer websites. Of course we will help you set up your hosting and we will need access to get your website up and running but after that you can change your password and have complete access and security.

Ready to get started?

Standard Design Package

$ 1,499.99

  • Domain Name Research
  • Logo Creation
  • Up to 10 Page Custom Website
  • Contact Forms
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • 2 Hours of Coaching

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Business Essentials Package

$ 2,499.99

  • Domain Name Research
  • SEO competition Report
  • Logo Creation
  • Up to a 10 Page Custom Website
  • On page SEO optimization
  • Contact Forms
  • Create SEO’d Facebook & Twitter
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • 3 Hours of Coaching

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Our Packages:

We offer 2 separate packages for our clients. The standard web design package. It’s for people or businesses that just want to get up and running quickly. First we will help you pick the perfect domain (If you don’t have one already). Having the right domain name is vital for online success. Then we will create a custom logo and website for you. This site will be a modern site with working contact form.  We also include 2 hours of coaching so that you will know how to edit your website yourself.

The Business Essentials package has everything the standard package has but we take it to the next level. We include a SEO competition report to show you what keywords you need to focus on and what you need to do to rank higher. Most businesses don’t realize that they are missing out on thousands of dollars of income per month.  Then we complete all of your on page SEO making sure every page is up to standard with Google. We also will make and SEO optimize your business Facebook and Twitter pages. So we leave no stone unturned. If you have any questions please visit the contact us page or call me at (504) 715-4795.

We offer up to a 50% discount on website design if you decide to use our SEO services!

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