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How valuable is page 1 rankings in Google for your business?
In today’s world ranking at the top of Google is important no matter what type of business you have! People don’t use the Yellow Pages they use computers and their smart phones. Those day’s of advertising are gone even though many people spend thousands of dollars per month on advertising like that which is useless. I would say that if your business isn’t ranking in Google, there is a very high probability that it will fail. I have seen SEO (Search Engine Optimization) help businesses large and small alike. I have worked with personal injury attorney’s that settle six and seven figure cases on one end of the spectrum, and I have helped lawn care services grow over 100 weekly clients on the other. What I am saying is that SEO is for every business owner that wants to get more business. Click here to visit and fill out the join forces form. I will do research for your company and prepare a free video presentation that will go over keyword research, competitor analysis, pricing, and examples of my clients that are killing it.

We will rank your website in Google for the keywords that matter. Keywords that will produce income for your business for years to come. Imagine having hundreds of new visitors to your website every day! It makes a massive difference when you get that kind of traffic. It’s a game changer! The most important thing to remember is that everyone is using Google these days to find what they are looking for and if your business isn’t there then your competitors will get those clients! Just think about what your business is losing every month that you are not ranking in Google. I am the #1 New Orleans SEO expert, maybe even the best in Louisiana. I have ranked many companies in Google and completely turned around many businesses! Do you want to see what others think about this service? Click here to read some client testimonials. If you have any questions for me, you can visit the contact us page, or you can call me at (504) 715-4795.

Why does your business need an SEO expert?
SEO is a constantly changing environment, and it’s is critical to have someone that know’s what they are doing. When I hear companies say that they are planning on doing their SEO in-house or on their own, I start to laugh. I almost feel sorry for them because they are going to have an uphill battle. This type of marketing takes years of experience to know what Google (and other search engines) require. It’s not only ranking in Google; it’s staying ranked in Google for years and years. Google is rolling out new algorithms almost at a monthly rate, and if you don’t know exactly what you are doing, you will get smashed and possibly a penalty. We focus on long term rankings for our clients which mean long term results. That is the bottom line: we want you to get a fantastic return on your investment. I have customers who have been at the top of Google for years.

Google is a powerhouse that owns about 80% of all the traffic on the internet! Our clients rank on Bing and Yahoo, but the primary focus is dominating on Google because that is where the searchers are. If you are on the fence about hiring an SEO company, I will tell you a few things about my service that makes me different. First of all, I don’t require any contracts for our clients. There are countless SEO companies out there that want to lock you into a yearly contract. We want you to stay with us because you are making money. SEO does take time especially if you have a new website, so I will usually advise my clients on what to expect depending on the market and competition. We base our pricing on how competitive your market is and what it will take to get you there. If you are interested in dominating your market and getting more business, please take a minute and fill out my join forces form. I will do some research for you and make you a video presentation showing you exactly what we can do for your business.

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I know that you have many different choices when choosing a SEO company for your business. Why would you pick this service? Think about how you found this website. You found me because I am ranking at the top of Google for anyone searching SEO in New Orleans. What does that say about this service? It means that we get it done.

So how do we get started?
The first step for us to work together is for you to click here and fill out my join forces form. It will ask you some questions about your business and your goals and I will be able to create a video presentation for you. This presentation is 100% free and will go over keyword research, gauge the competition in your market, go over pricing, and show you some examples of my clients that are really doing well. I look forward to hearing from you soon and if you have any questions for me please call me at (504) 715-4795 or you can click here to visit the contact us page. Sincerely, John Halfacre

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